Monday, February 27, 2006

TPM Cafe: Icon of Liberal Media Joins Bolton;
Opposes Reform of UN Human Rights Commission

First, is it surprising to anybody at all that Bolton, who apparently proposed a set of reforms tht would make Russia and China permanent members of the Human Rights Commission, is opposing a serious, albeit it deficient, effort at reform of a major UN organ. Besides the fact that he was brought in to spur reform and that hypocritical approaches to human rights is a major criticism of the UN, is there any reason why John Bolton might have reason to endorse forward progress.

Secondly, if the NY Times is so committed to its Ivy Tower liberal bleeding-heart bias, then why are they endorsing the stance of John Bolton. It seems there conservative idealism, not altogether terrible, has gotten the better of them as they expect that the obstructive opposition by Bolton "can produce something better."


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