Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NY Times Magazine: Protecting and Prosecuting the Innocent in the Americas

Obviously some of the culture described in this story is particular to El Salvador. A nation that is known for systemic abuses against women is clearly not going to have the most compassionate implementation of a complete abortion ban. However, it is important to note that El Salvador is an inspiration and model for the Pro-Life/Anti-Abortion/Anti-Choice (whichever you prefer) movement. There are some hard truths to face if Americans really want to criminalize abortion. Those allied with Tom Delay frequently state their wish to "end abortion as we know it" as part of the Culture Wars that they are so eager to fight. It would be worthwhile for reasonable abortion rights and anti-abortion advocates to make an effort at understanding one another and finding common ground so that opportunistic partisans like former Majority Leader Delay are not the ones to determine the future of this issue in America.


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