Friday, February 09, 2007

Campaign 2007: The Race to Draft Al Gore for 2008 via CNN

Al Gore could be a serious candidate, with fundraising potential to match the early favorites. The equation changes totally with Gore in the race, probably to the detriment of Obama and Edwards in as much as either wants to be at the head of the ticket. What his supporters, and hopefully the man himself, will be weighing in the balance with the obvious benefits (money, name recognition, at least as much claim to the Clinton legacy as Hillary if not far more) he has as a Presidential candidate are -

1) His willingness to endure the Clinton juggernaut
2) The same kind of battle in a national fight with John McCain
3) Possible baggage from being the tragic figure in 2000
4) His relationships with the current Democratic leaders in the DNC and in Congress

I suspect the last two are not real obstacles, so the main considerations ought to be his willingness to endure the struggle, because support in the polls and on the ground will materialize if and when he enters the race. Bottom line: add the Exile to the pool encouraging the Vice President to give it another try. America may just have wised up a little.


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