Monday, April 09, 2007


Five Times this number of people have already been killed in Darfur genocide. More die everyday.

How the United States can end genocide in Darfur without putting US troops on the ground:
1) Establish No Fly Zones -This would prevent Sudanese government helicopters from slaughtering civilians in Darfur on the ground. Sen. Biden(D-DE) introduced a resolution (h. Res. 723) calling for a no fly zone - but the bill stalled in the International Relations Committee. Write your member of Congress using the link below and tell them you support NATO enforced no fly zones in Darfur.
2) Fully fund the African Union Mission in Sudan - The African Union is badly under funded and lacks the resources to protect civilians in Darfur - but Congress refuses to provide adequate funding. By fully funding the AU we can empower African nations to end the bloodshed without putting US troops on the ground.
3) Support the International Criminal Court - The United States is one of the only major powers to oppose the existence of an International Criminial Court(ICC). The ICC was created to hold countries accountable for crimes against humanity such as genocide. By supporting the ICC, the United States would send a strong signal to Sudan and other rogue states that genocide will not be tolerated. As long as the US continues to oppose the court, it will continue to empower dictators to commit war crimes with impunity.

What YOU Can Do To End Genocide in Darfur:
1) Share This Note!
2) Contact your representatives
Send your Representative an email saying you support a NATO enforced no-fly zone, increased funding for the African Union and full US participation with the International Criminal court. Template letter provided at the link above.
3) Join/Start a STAND chapter
4) Post a Flyer
5) Start your own petition
Even better than contacting your congress member is sending them a petition
with 10, 20, or 50 signatures you've collected. This shows them you're serious and the issue has broad support.
5) Join the Facebook Group


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