Thursday, August 25, 2005

NY Times: Another Political Firing Over Uncomfortable Truth

I don't normally take much from the columns of Bob Herbert. I usually find that while I agree with his overall point of view, his criticism of the current administration generally seems too harsh and/or too instinctive. While this column certainly hit the traditional liberal points of criticism, including the "world of fantasy" in which the administration is said to function, it was relatively measured in its tone. Far from calling the POTUS, VPOTUS, and Atty. Gen. ranting racists or bumbling babies, which many might in commenting on this story, Herbert concisely draws attention to the serious problem of racial profiling and thus the danger of ignoring the issue. As a minority, I take the issues of racial profiling and police brutality VERY seriously and while they are not really an issue of national security, they are certainly vitally important to the security of a healthy and growing segment of the population.

Let me finally say that I realize that Herbert is a professional journalist and so it is his job to comment as a rational and responsible columnist. However, because not all of his colleauges follow through on this commitment, I think it is worth the effort to highlight a good example, so congrats Mr. H.


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