Sunday, September 25, 2005

Until Exile gets around to giving me administrator rights on this blog, I'm forced to make my own posts to respond to his... so here goes:

I think College Republicans are more organized—but I think they're also largely ineffective. In an election year, we are more effective at mobilizing college kids to do things that are useful—walking close districts, making phone calls, etc.—while the Dems are more effective at getting kids to take part in massive protests, and pass resolutions demanding change.

I think this is also more reflective of the Party status at the national level. Republicans are still used to being the minority Party, so they've figured out how to win elections if at all possible. Dems are used to being in power, and being able to flex their idealism. As a result, any organization of the party's youth—usually the most ideal—devolves into an effort to express their views. They think that by screaming as loud as they can, they'll win back the people. Unfortunately for them, elections are not won by expressing your point, they are won by effective strategy, fundraising, and carrying it out quietly.

In off years, that makes College Republicans look bad—as they do right now. But when the chips are down, they're where the campaign needs them.


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