Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WaPo: Talking About Racism Man

Here is a noteworthy, if not well reasoned, reflection on the current controversy surrounding the transfer of administration in major American ports from one segment of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company to DPW. Many in the world of punditry, which had little to say about the transaction and its potential consequences when it was in progress last year, have not been subtle in admitting their concerns about DPW are based in a lingering mistrust of the UAE.

The notion that a company owned by any foreign government, and DPW is apparently owned by the UAE, is understandably troubling. However, the argument in the public forum is whether or not the United States should keep its business with a company now operated by Arabs.

Cohen misses the obvious point that the defense by Bush of this deal is motivated by his intrasigent streak. However, he is absolutely right to commend Bush for his comments acknowledging the fundamental inequity of those who openly oppose the transfer of administration simply because Arab character of DPW.

As a bigot he leaves a lot to be desired.

I will acknowledge doubts about the motivation of Mr. Bush, but it is impossible for me to reasonably disagree with Cohen that the President has done the right thing in this instance.


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