Friday, February 16, 2007

SaveDarfur: Petition for Action from EU President

As Germany ascends to the rotating EU presidency, it has an opportunity to push with new vigor for action by the European bloc leading to the end of the genocide occurring before the eyes of the world. Employment, trade, and fiscal reforms are important, but the lives of millions ought to be worth more attention.

Natives of the Darfur region of Sudan, many now living as refugees in neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic, are still threatened and violated by perverted theology and ethnic strife that has persisted essentially unchecked. The Sudanese army fights, their proxies fight and the rebels fight, but the ordinary people do little besides suffer. If we continue to keep attention on this tragedy, eventually it will drown out all the other trivialities and we can end it. Without dialogue, attention, and more importantly, action, there is no end in sight.

Links with updates and information:

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