Wednesday, February 13, 2008


The Exile is returning from... well... yeah. No brilliant change in formatting is planned at this time. Just a resumption of posting and perhaps a bit less formal attitude (because let's be honest, that was probably what kept readership down).

I watched the movie Michael Clayton the other week, and with the amazing revelation that George Clooney can act, even though he was a bit outshone by Tom Wilkinson, it made my day. Besides the snappy editing, strong filming technique (those compliments were stolen directly from my friend, who has self-described "movie OCD"), and enticing foreshadowing, the movie has a great anti-corporate streak that has been missing from the public discourse for about a week and a half (since St. John of Edwards left the race).

Michael Shermer has a great piece about the evolutionary psychology behind corporate greed which helps to explain how the grandaddy of greedy corporate scumbaggery -- Enron under Jeff Skilling -- came about. My own take on the article is that it shows that greed, while natural, is not good; and more than that it is DUMB when a convict like Jeff Skilling makes it the basis for a corporate culture.

Okay, the treat for reading this far is on YouTube.


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