Thursday, March 13, 2008

FT: Carville Calling For Calm

James Carville might be my favorite figure from the Clinton era. In his assertion that there is a preposterous desire to sanitize presidential politics, he is correct. While many of the things that have been said about Senator Obama have been irresponsible and stupid, especially for Democrats to be saying, none have risen to a level of offense that used to be considered the limit of decency. Likewise, Samantha Power, who expressed a sentiment with which many agree, should not a) have been quoted and b)have felt compelled to resign. Certainly there is a line that ought not be crossed, but in my view, and certainly in that of Carville, nothing in this race has broken it clearly.

However, as I said, Geraldine Ferraro and some other prominent Clintonistas have made some comments that were supremely stupid for Democrats to make. If their side is willing to allow some particularly irresponsible and dangerous innuendos to be integral parts of the race, they deserve to have their preferred candidate win the presidency, seemingly John McCain.


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