Sunday, March 02, 2008

Random Thoughts From the Campaign Trail

I am in Canton, OH. My hosts are a tremendous family, perfect representatives of why the message of Senator Obama resonates with Middle America. Enthusiasm abounds among the staffers and volunteers, people for whom I have developed a great affection in the past week. Here there are young and old, locals and those of us from VA, PA, NC, CO, NY and other places across the country. The hard work we are trying to put out every day is only the beginning in a long hard process to bring the change we want; and increasingly people are coming to believe again that change can be had.

A few tokens --

I enjoy learning ever more about the complexities of the Texas primacaucus. Obviously, I will not think it so charming if we lose.

Everybody recognizes that Ohio is going to be close. I think, because it is an open primary, it will actually turn on the number of Republicans and independents who turn out to support Senator Obama. From my experiences canvassing, I think that number could be significant.

CNN: Obama Groundgame Factor in Ohio
More fun than it might appear. The food is great.

Pittsburgh T-R: Ohio Crucial for Clinton
I would contend that nobody is calling the election already.

Canton Repository
The leading local paper here in Stark County, which has endorsed Barack, like most every other paper in Ohio.
Why They Back Obama-Why They Back Hillary


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