Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tell Me About DADT

Human Rights Campaign: Obama Takes Clear Stand Against Don't Ask Don't Tell

There appears to be reason for some gay rights groups to believe that there is difference between Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama as regards the ability to make a commitment to gay rights. Nobody would reasonably charge that Hillary Clinton is against gay rights, but it is fair to say that doubts remain about her ability to subordinate political considerations to what seem to be her genuine beliefs about the need for equality.

In March of last year, Hillary supporters called on her to sponsor the Military Readiness Enhancement Act in the Senate and to date she has not do so. To be fair neither has Senator Obama, presumably because the rigors of the campaign trail have taken both away from their day jobs. But as the candidate running to a great extent on an appeal for validation of the Clinton presidency, it seems fair that she bear some responsibility for aggressively seeking to address a failed policy that alienates a core Democratic constituency as well as keeps the American military weaker than it absolutely must be to guarantee our national security.


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