Tuesday, February 19, 2008

John McCain - Wrong on Terrorism

This is an important assertion. We need a candidate who can effectively make this argument with nothing hampering their credibility. McCain can be beaten on foreign policy, because he is plainly wrong in the contention that we can subordinate other pressing issues- like competition with China on many fronts, progress on a solution in Israel/Palestine, the increasing tension caused by petropolitics in Eastern Europe- to an obsession with Iraq.

Part of this problem McCain has with accurately assessing our most important problems is that, in my opinion, his profound experiences at the hands of the North Vietnamese makes him unable to consider that a fight might not be worth fighting. In my opinion, the fact that many experts draw parallels between Iraq and Vietnam make McCain all the more eager to prove that both wars were worth the cost in blood and treasure. Just like Gen. Westmoreland, McCain will be forever fighting the same fight, and while we must salute him for not giving in so many years ago, we cannot make the same mistake 40 years later and keep fighting a war just because we can.


At 6:03 AM, Blogger matthew said...


we cannot make the same mistake... just because we can. especially since we cananot afford it much longer.


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