Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BBC: Tom Delay Stepping Down To Answer Indictment

This sent me into a brief frenzy when I first read it. Hopefully, this will be a landmark development in the case to expose the criminality in much of partisan politics all over this nation.

Another observation I have, brought on by the defensive claims from the office of Mr. Delay, is that perhaps at least one or two of the people condemned over the centuries of witch-hunting, were actually putting some hexes and curses on people.

I encourage all interested parties to reserve judgement and let the system do its job, but I say in the same breath that I am glad I will not serve on the jury. The only reason that this might be tinged with some partisanship, is that everything involving Mr. Delay, since he quit killing bugs for a living, has been chiefly composed of partisan politics.

Go Here to read the indictment.


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