Tuesday, September 13, 2005

WETA: Senate Confirmation Hearings on Supreme Court Nominee John Roberts

This channel is giving exceptionally good coverage of these hearings. For the most part there is uninterruped coverage of questioning by senators and great commentary by Tom Oliphant and David Brooks among others. I would like to highlight Senators Russ Feingld (D - Wisc.), Charles Schumer (D - NY), and Lindsey Graham (R - SC), for their purposeful and thoughtful questions to the nominee. I would also like to compliment Judge Roberts for his composure under fire, willingness to be cooperative with somewhat contentious questioning, and grace in the public eye. While I am still harbor concerns, but not doubts, about his willingness and/or ability, to ensure that politics will have no place on the court under him as Chief Justice, I think his confirmation will ultimately go smoothly and hope it will be a notable positive development during this politcal era. Anybody interested in understanding the confirmation process and the current controversy concerning the philosophical direction of the Supreme Court should endeavor to observe these hearings by whatever means are available and to NOT simply trust the commentary of the legions of political commentators in the newsmedia and internet bloggers to form an opinion [read: legal means].


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