Thursday, October 06, 2005

Opinion Journal: Problem With Miers Nomination Reveals Greater Problem With Bush

I generally respect the writing of Peggy Noonan, not as much her reasoning. Her recent column is not an exception, save for this supposition-

"Maybe after five years he is fully revealing himself."

For those long suffering Bush opponents, the nomination by Bush of one of his personal lawyers and a woman who has played an important role in his political machinery, is no surprise whatsoever. But to his allies, the gut-shot decisions and excessive focus on loyalty are usually much more useful for them, so it seems natural that when his arrogance is not the same as their arrogance, they see it as a revelation.

There are plenty of people giving many good reasons for their opposition to Miers, so I will try to confine commentary here on the nomination in the context of internal GOP politics and inter-party relations.

There are some useful political observations in the piece this week by Noonan, but disregard her personal views on the subject because, as usual, they are mostly wrong.


At 2:32 PM, Blogger RFTR said...

Don't you talk about my Peggy that way...


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