Thursday, March 02, 2006

The New Yorker: Ready For By The People

A brief statement about the reasons why it is and will continue to be difficult to enact direct election of the Chief Executive, even though most Americans want just that., a largely liberal organization, presents an argument that popular sentiments on this subject have remained steady over years. A rather amusing and fascinating anecdote from this article covers the resolution introduced by Wisconsin electors in 1976 calling for the abolition of the EC after casting their votes in the election.

It seems that most criticism of the EC comes from liberals or Democrats, understandably peeved at the result in 2000. Is there really a disparity between principled conservatives and the rest of America on this subject? If there is not, would this not be a great issue for a bi-partisan alliance to bypass the establishment and begin to effect some real reform of our sclerotic political system.


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