Tuesday, March 21, 2006

NY Times:Catholic Church Sticks Its Guns Against GOP On Immigration via Moderate Voters and dotCommonweal

It is quite preposterous that Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) would criticize the Roman Catholic Church "for invoking God" in their position on a controversial immigration plan in HR 4437. Perhaps he does not realize that the Church can do nothing without such an invocation.

Furthermore, it is impossible that the leadership of the Catholic Church, an organization that prides itself on maintaining centralized control of policy , qualify as the the "left wing of the church." It seems highly unlikely that the left wing of the Catholic Church is in the driver's seat. This is one instance where the GOP, Catholics like King included, cannot deal with the consistent application of doctrine.

As a non-Catholic, I lament that no statement will likely be made by Catholic Bishops about a Catholic politician who accuses them of "committing the sin of hypocrisy" for defending principles of social justice and compassion ahead of political conformity. After all, Pro-Choice Catholics may disagree with Church doctrine on abortion, but I would challenge anybody to show me an instance where they characterize it as hypocrisy.


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