Friday, February 16, 2007

SaveDarfur: Petition for Action from EU President

As Germany ascends to the rotating EU presidency, it has an opportunity to push with new vigor for action by the European bloc leading to the end of the genocide occurring before the eyes of the world. Employment, trade, and fiscal reforms are important, but the lives of millions ought to be worth more attention.

Natives of the Darfur region of Sudan, many now living as refugees in neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic, are still threatened and violated by perverted theology and ethnic strife that has persisted essentially unchecked. The Sudanese army fights, their proxies fight and the rebels fight, but the ordinary people do little besides suffer. If we continue to keep attention on this tragedy, eventually it will drown out all the other trivialities and we can end it. Without dialogue, attention, and more importantly, action, there is no end in sight.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Boston Globe: Senator Obama in New Hampshire

True, it is quite early. Let us hope that as Senator Obama gets some political seasoning he will continue to speaking sincerely, even if his thoughts and beliefs are not simple enough for a Rovian soundbite. Wedge issues like gay marriage, abortion, stem cell research,etc. are easy to use against a sincere speaker, and the Senator and his staff need to find a way to avoid pitfalls that the conclusion this piece could foreshadow without running from his sincere approach to engaging voters.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rolling Stone: Destiny's Child via RCP

Alternate title: Hooked On A Feeling

I recently heard Ian H. Solomon, former Associate Dean at Yale Law School, and currently a chief legislative aide to Senator Obama speak about his journey to the Obama sanctuary after 2004. His sentiments echoes those attributed to Samantha Power and many other creatures of the capital, including the pollster in this piece:

"You spend your life preparing for Bobby Kennedy to walk in the door," says one D.C. pollster, "and then one day he walks in your door."

Earth Times: North Korean Breakthrough via Google

The jury, in this case a jury of one, is still out on how effective this agreement will be, particularly how long the reactor will remain closed down and how great a signal this is of a departure from the diplomatic strategy of brinkmanship used by the regime of Kim Jung-Il. However, it is important to acknowledge the victories by our national foreign policy team. Secretary Rice and her team deserve credit and seem to be making strides on a few fronts, despite serving under a chief executive who still leaves a lot to be desired with regard to approaching foreign affairs with any appreciable foresight or discernment.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Campaign 2007: The Race to Draft Al Gore for 2008 via CNN

Al Gore could be a serious candidate, with fundraising potential to match the early favorites. The equation changes totally with Gore in the race, probably to the detriment of Obama and Edwards in as much as either wants to be at the head of the ticket. What his supporters, and hopefully the man himself, will be weighing in the balance with the obvious benefits (money, name recognition, at least as much claim to the Clinton legacy as Hillary if not far more) he has as a Presidential candidate are -

1) His willingness to endure the Clinton juggernaut
2) The same kind of battle in a national fight with John McCain
3) Possible baggage from being the tragic figure in 2000
4) His relationships with the current Democratic leaders in the DNC and in Congress

I suspect the last two are not real obstacles, so the main considerations ought to be his willingness to endure the struggle, because support in the polls and on the ground will materialize if and when he enters the race. Bottom line: add the Exile to the pool encouraging the Vice President to give it another try. America may just have wised up a little.